1. Jenny Lewis - The Voyager
  2. Au Revoir Simone - Spectrums
  3. Chromeo - White Women
  4. Interpol - El Pintor
  5. Camper Van Beethoven - El Camino Real
  6. Cerebral Ballzy - Jaded & Faded
  7. The Pharmacy - Spells
  8. The Rentals - Lost In Alphaville
  9. Cassie Ramone - The Time Has Come
  10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Only Run
“But that has to come about through challenging the general economic privilege we bestow on the rich, not by making it easier to prosecute crimes in general. Precisely because it’s very unlikely that this will make it harder on the rich, and more likely to make it harder on the poor. I worry about procedure because principle and procedure matters, yes. But also because the consequences of threats to due process and the presumption of innocence will overwhelmingly be borne by those in our culture who lack social capital. I fear that undermining the commitment to due process in these high-profile but small-in-number cases will filter down to the poor people who are typically the target of our judicial process and police.”

- carceral progressivism | Fredrik deBoer

Long live the new flesh.

Doctor Who S8E4: Listen

From “We’re All Nerds Now” in The New York Times, 9/14/2014.

The article was terrible, Munroe being the exception.

“I’ve always been interested in the gay community because they were so on the fringe. Now, the identity of it seems to be a little muddled for me—probably because the struggle is dissipating, which is great and positive, of course, but…”


Chloe Sevigny - The Daily Beast

That “but…”


- I’m A Gamer