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For old-school photographers with new-school phones.

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Sure, analog timers are fine, but can you change the color of the clock? No! Can you have it beep when it's time to dump the hypo-clear? Well, sometimes, sure. But can you save an unlimited number of presets, programmed to get consistent, reliable results for your film processing? No!

The Darkroom Timer, available in the Android Market, is a simple way to save all the details of your preferred film process and use them with a simple click of a button.


Initial release.
Add support for home-screen shortcuts. Long-click on home screen to add them.
Bug fixes and agitate sound prompts.
Redlight mode. Enable via settings on timer screen.

Found a bug? Feature requests? Email cramer@webkist.com with as much info as you can give, or just leave a comment. For the hardcore: GitHub sourcecode repository.

QR Code for Darkroom Timer in the Android Market
Screenshot: Timer Selection Screen
Preset selection screen.
Screenshot: Timer Screen
Timer screen.
Screenshot: Home Screen with Shortcuts
Home screen, with Darkroom Timer presets. Long-click on the home screen to add them.
Screenshot: Timer Screen: Landscape Mode
Timer screen, landscape orientation.
Screenshot: Adjust Stopped Timer
Timer screen, adjust stopped timer.
Screenshot: Adjust Running Timer
Timer screen, adjust running timer..
Screenshot: Timer Selection Screen, modify preset long-click popup.
Preset selection screen after long-click.
Screenshot: Preset Editor
Preset edit screen.
Screenshot: Preset step editor
Preset edit screen, step editor.

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